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From The Diaries of Jefferson Monroe Adams (Approx. 500 wds.) October 10, 2006: Today was my 14th birthday. My parents gave me a big party and a lot of kids came. I suppose Iím popular. Iím class president, on the track team and considered pretty cool. I forged an ID so that I and my buddies can get beer. Iíve done a little shoplifting but Iíve never been caught. I decided that it was time I stopped being virgin. Iíve never had any problem getting girls. They all tell me Iím good-looking, so I guess I am. At the party, I told Mary Lou Ellis I wanted to show her something. I took her out back and into the shed, where I kissed her. She liked that, but when I went further she started to squirm around so I hit her in the face and she stopped. When it was over I took out my knife and held it to her eye. ďDonít tell anyone if you know whatís good for you,Ē I said. She promised she wouldnít. June 22, 2013: graduation day. It was a good four years. I had a 4.0 average and won a varsity letter for track. I also had a nice fling with Mrs. Cameron, my sociology teacher. There was one little mishap. I used to go into town on weekends and pick up prostitutes. Usually they did whatever I asked them, but this one gave mr some trouble and I had to use drastic measures. I was a little worried, but I donít think the cops investigated too hard and Iím sure Iím home free. June 13, 2017: I sailed through law school and now have my pick of jobs. I think I understand myself better. Iím what people call a sociopath. I just donít have the same feelings as other people. Like the matter of that prostitute, I never felt any remorse. But Iíve learned to keep my darker desires in check. I have a fiancťe who loves me. Sheís from a rich family and that should help. I know what path Iím going to take. I want power. A few years to make money, then Iím going into politics. January 3, 2032: Iím one of the youngest U.S. Senators. I think Iíll like it in Washington. The opportunities for corruption are endless. In a few years, Iím sure Iíll be a multi-millionaire. They practically force money on you. And after a term or two in the Senate, who knows. Iím one of the most popular politicians in the country. Iím continually amazed how easy it is to fool people. January 1, 2040: Iíve reached my goal. I was elected President in a landslide. Iíll be inaugurated in a few days. I met with the former President, that doddering old fool. I have a lot of changes planned. Above all, I canít wait to get my hands on what they call the ďfootball,Ē the device that controls the nuclear bombs. ###

Date Written: April 25, 2008
Author: mgreen100
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