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Obama (Part 1) A Man comes along Promising change Does that change his promise? Does that change his premise? Or is change his nemesis? Mortality What makes a human tick? Tick like a clock? Hickory Dickory Dock? Time's essence passes Leaving me adrift in its wake And it's my wake, in fact, That you're here for Obama (Part II) If a Man aims to be the biggest cheese, And if this man really seeks the tippety-top, He needs to know it is the Man he must please, Ere he calls a white comb-over or a 'fro his mop, The Man aint playing wit you, The Man knows what he sees, So don't be playing The Man for no sorry-ass fop. Whoso a man, a black man, would lead Amerikkka? Not in my house said Whitey, apprehended by hysterica.

Date Written: September 11, 2008
Author: Mr. Joshua
Average Vote: 5

09/14/2008 qualcomm: does one read this with that "poetry slam" phrasing?
09/16/2008 TheBuyer: oh Peter, I love it when you're topical.
09/18/2008 Mr. Joshua: Disney, you suck. No more free-money picks for you, if you can't bother to maintain the architecture of this stupid, cunting Web 1.0 site.
09/24/2008 Dick Vomit: I think this is great.
09/25/2008 qualcomm: eliza: grolsch, guy?
09/25/2008 Eliza (): What does that suggest to you?
09/25/2008 qualcomm: eliza: shortly after you exited the bathroom at pete's candy store, dick vomit discerned a tangy pong.
09/25/2008 Eliza (): What's your least favorite moment in this short?
03/10/2009 scoop (5): Although it may shame the author to hear this, I have to point out that this is as good, if not significantly superior to, un-ironic versions of this kind of urban poetry slamming. The author must either be black or be a white guy with dreads and an uncanny understanding of the street and its emotional disposition. There is a real skill at work here, a really stupid skill.
03/15/2009 qualcomm: http://youtube.com/watch?v=0hiqWpFN0Z4
03/17/2009 scoop: http://youtube.com/watch?v=XUcEQvU6LPE