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butter up the poobie so he was out of anything remotely related to slick slidy substances and was pretty sure that honey and motor oil were bad choices and vaseline was so 70s and smelled crappish when applied water and nacho cheese were not good options and could only imagine the pain of shampoo on his open sores what else what else? the mac n chese mix and bbq sauce were clearly not options because of the staining power but the time was now Finally! he had it microwave the margerine and it would definitely would allow smooth nice lubrication almost like olive oil in times past! Yes Genius, warm it up and we'll get ready to do this. so he called out poobie poobie! his fat geriatric cat appeared from beneath an old chair that was covered in blankets and newspapers oh poobie, it's time for your meds the crushed anti inflammitories were crushed and just needed to be slipped into the liquidy goodness Kitty dad's pill worked like a charm

Date Written: February 27, 2009
Author: unklespaz
Average Vote: 2.5

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