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I just got one of those metal detectors and boy, is it fun! Just last weekend I ran my detector, a Kash King 4000, over some caved-in, loosely-packed soil out in the woods behind my house and caught a good strong signal. Digging gently with my pocketknife I uncovered the skull of a decomposing animal. The critter had silver fillings in its teeth which I harvested with my knife. Silver spot is $10.85 a troy ounce, boy-o. The skull also had a pair of decorative yellow gold earrings attached to some leathery flaps, which yielded when pulled. Maggots danced in the animal's eyeholes, and a foul odor wafted from the carcass. Yuk! I moved down the torso to its teats. The specimen had definitely been a mammal--it had pierced udders with small gold hoops. Someone had loved this animal! The generative organs too were pierced, and when added to a small 10k ankle bracelet I had scored over $90 net. LOL! I replaced the dirt, as is proper, and kicked some leaves over the dig.

Date Written: May 14, 2009
Author: Master Bates
Average Vote: 4.25

05/15/2009 Will Disney: whoops - happy guest month!
05/15/2009 Jon Matza: No way... First ever good short on guest month? Original premise, vigorous prose, commendable brevity. Crucial usage of "LOL".
05/15/2009 TheBuyer (4): shiny
05/16/2009 Litcube (4.5):