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Rewrite by Rod Drake Andy was reading the last few pages of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, pulling an all-nighter to get through the novel before his semester final about it in just a few hours now. He was exhausted, barely awake, but strangely absorbed in the book. His eyelids were so heavy, yet his curiosity kept him involved in the story, so he jerked himself alert only to start nodding off again. Just a few more pages. Andy finished the book in a daze, just as he felt himself falling, tumbling slowly, through endless, comforting white space, gently, steadily downward with no fear of landing. Andy stood in a psych ward: Nurse Ratched’s psych ward where inmates Cheswick and Martini stared at him uneasily, the Chief swept the floor robotically and a burly attendee was walking towards him, scowling and swearing. The ward looked just as it had been described in the novel except that the ceiling was rimmed with the tops of pages, one reading Ken Kesey and the other reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, each bearing page numbers from the novel. Freaky to say the least. Andy didn’t know how he got here, or how he would get out, but he knew one thing: he had to stop Nurse Ratched from giving McMurphy that lobotomy this time.

Date Written: August 21, 2009
Author: Rod Drake
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08/25/2009 Mr. Pony: Rod, all that winking you do at the end of your tales is really unnerving. However, it's the winking you do after that that intrigues me.
09/26/2009 Master Bates: he jerked himself alert?