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A Hollywood Myth by Rod Drake “Uncle Miltie!” Marilyn Monroe exclaimed as Milton Berle dropped his pants, revealing his second claim-to-fame to the nation’s newest sex symbol, “that’s . . . that’s unbelievable!” “Thanks, but just call him Miltie Junior; after all, you’re going to be good friends with him. Actually, Mighty Miltie or the Miltie Missile might be more appropriate,” Milton quipped as his slightly diminutive doppelganger began swelling, getting even larger. “I don’t think it will fit,” Marilyn gasped, dropping to the bed in surprise, then jumping back up quickly when she realized she was on the bed and what that meant. Why did Milton have a bed in his dressing room? Oh yeah, she realized, to do starlets like me. “That monster is too big for me, for anyone, and believe me, I know, because I’ve had some big ones in my climb to stardom.” “C’mon, let me see Norma and Jean,” Milton kidded, knowing Marilyn’s real name, “and we’ll both get in the mood, if you know what I mean.” Miltie Junior was filling out like a python on the hunt. Still dazzled and dazed, Marilyn routinely peeled off her low-cut dress, and being blissfully braless, the twins popped immediately into view. She wasn’t wearing panties either. Somehow she kept her dignity wearing shiny high heels and nothing else. Milton had no dignity in his black socks with garters, white shirt and tie, but Miltie Junior was nearly at a full salute. “Here, climb on the bed, hands and knees, you know, doggy style, that’s right. I started out with a dog act in vaudeville, so this takes me back and it’s going to make you howl. So get ready, the subway train is preparing to enter the pink tunnel.” “Subway train,” Marilyn groaned, “It’s the goddamn Super Chief.” “Hey, I’m just barely at the tunnel entrance. Get ready for all 14 subway cars!” And with that Milton did what Milton always did to as many starlets as he fit into his schedule. And could fit into. After Milton finally forced Miltie Junior all the way in, he started pounding her with it. Marilyn moaned, “I can feel you bumping the bottom of my stomach.” “Give me another ten minutes, and then I’ll make you a member of the Uncle Miltie Coming-And-Going Club. It’s an exclusive honor, but you’re a good sport and a good pièce de no résistance.” “What’s, what’s that?” Marilyn asked, her head swimming while Norma and Jean bounced wildly. “I pull Miltie Junior out and ram him down your throat into your stomach so fast that you can still feel him, phantom limb-like, at the bottom of your stomach, thus ‘both of them’ meet there and complete the circle.” “You’re kidding,” Marilyn replied, but ten minutes later, she felt Miltie Junior pulled out of her suddenly and Milton spun her around on the bed. “I never kid,” Milton joked, but not really.

Date Written: September 03, 2009
Author: Rod Drake
Average Vote: 4.16667

09/4/2009 Mr. Pony (4): I think this is terrific.
09/26/2009 Master Bates (4.5): excellent!
05/4/2010 Marvin_Bernstein (4): classic, I've rated this before, twice actually but my comments don't stick