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So after the marines, Melvin (who's real name was Dervik) got his worthless behind a Pell grant and then proceeded to show off his worthless 6'5 frame around the community college as a po-lice trainee fuck. He learned all the behavioural sciences and analysis and had a string of girlfriends that mother did not approve of and did not approve of his motherly attachment. Still, he was hot, and even got it on in the stairwell near the rooftop. His manly meatly figure really did make him more poolice than a fucking law enforcement man however and his posturing with his newly aquired concealed weapon and assinine body language profiling made him more detested than ever. It was at this point that something clicked. He'd always been into asses, domination and little video sites like bend over boyfriend but figured it was just a weird quirk. Now with the testosterone building, he thought: why, it's an ass, there aren't any teeth in there. Why not???? The next day off he had, and it was a personal day (of course of course) he closed all the drapes in the house. At this point, the peanut butter went up the anal tract (the mangina) really smoothly, as he had been plugging his butt for hours. Ahh, good to relax. Then, he pointed to his buddy the rotweiler wolfie, said "here boy" and he went to town. It is good to be a stoopid policeman at least one day out of the life. It would not be long before sucking blood from virgins would be on the horizon.

Date Written: May 04, 2010
Author: Marvin_Bernstein
Average Vote: 2

05/4/2010 anonymous: I forgot to write the part where he has a hot tryst with a desperate housewife, or a MILF cougar. I was thinking it could be during an examination after a car accident and then maybe another "encounter after strangulation" Just bits to enjoy during part III
05/11/2010 Marvin_Bernstein (2): yup
01/19/2011 TheBuyer (2): Killed by the last graph. I like to say po-lice too.