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As Edwin nervously entered the company president's office to negotiate what he considered to be a 'well-deserved' raise, he rehearsed the lines of his speech over and over again in his head. He wanted to make sure that he presented his case very clearly, and he didn't want to leave any room for misinterpretation. And above all, he didn't want to back down, as was his wont.

This heightened state of anxiety created anticipated effects: a slight waver in the voice, a faster heartbeat, etc. And as he took his seat before the president, who happened to be engaged in a 'business-like' conversation on the phone, Edwin steadied himself as best he could.

In the few moments he had to himself before the conversation would begin, his senses seemed particularly acute. He couldn't help but notice the shiny cufflinks that fastened the president's french cuffs, or his well-coiffed hair, or even the monogram stitching that appeared subtly, and yet noticeable enough, upon his shirt pocket.

A few minutes later, after the negotiations had ended, Edwin left the room feeling somewhat more successful. He was forced to defend himself throughout the discussion, but instead of relenting, he actually presented a rebuttal to the president's initial counter-offer. He had managed to up his salary by -- dollars an hour*, which to some may seem insubstantial, but to Edwin, not only met his original goal for the negotiations, but also would result in a higher standard of living.

Since Edwin had been working for the company, which by now had amounted to 30 days or so, he noticed quite early in his tenure that the president drove to work in a beige-colored Bentley.

*this information is not pertinent to the narrative

Date Written: July 30, 2003
Author: Texxx
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