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“Have you ever noticed,” she asked him,” how you park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?”

“No,” he answered. “Have you ever noticed how I plow your ass and then never call?”

Date Written: August 03, 2003
Author: sad sack
Average Vote: 4.4286

08/3/2003 anonymous (4):
08/3/2003 anonymous (3):
08/3/2003 anonymous (4):
08/3/2003 qualcomm (5): ha!
08/26/2003 Ewan Snow: This pretty good. sad sack should write some more...
02/3/2004 senator (5): I laughed twice...I just laughed again.
02/10/2004 scoop (5): Five stars for making me laugh. A sixth star for making me think about anal sex. Ahhhhhh, anal sex.
05/22/2004 Pix (5): I needed a good laugh, thanks.