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there was a very fine tradition dating back from elders who passed on secrets of fine sensual cooking that would eventually be savored not only by the countrymen but the lighter skinned people of the world it all started by rows and rows of wonderful succulent vegetables surrounded by herbs grown into the ditches that were fertilized by the finest sewage from young virgin maidens that tended to the crops. It was a flavor you could not replicate the sauces were made from the bath waters and dirty shirts of these same nymphs that had the aromas of herbs and scents of cumin onion and other exotic spices. The wines had been seasoned from the waters of the freshly douched fallopian tubes and mescal had been tainted by the urine of women at the height of their fertility which blended very nicely with the vapors from old casks and the strong tuber liquors soon the world too would know the fine dining from the poverty stricken regions and partake in the fantastically exquisite earthly pleasures but would have no idea of the roots of such great and ethnic gastronomy, nor would they ever but it will take the world by storm

Date Written: February 20, 2011
Author: Marvin_Bernstein
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