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Danger? Danger is my middle name. My first name is Garry. Last name Hitler. Garry Danger Hitler. Does that work for you? I'm into interior design, the built environment, and the human figure's relationship to architectonic space. You like to party? You ever eat a live jellyfish? You busy this weekend? You want to hang?

Date Written: March 07, 2011
Author: Marvin The Word Underscore Bernstein
Average Vote: 4.125

03/9/2011 frog (5):
03/9/2011 TheBuyer (3.5): this guy seems alright. uses punctuation and caps and everything. this "gary" guy is a bit of a dilletante but he's probably alright too.
03/10/2011 Marvin_Bernstein (3): Total ripoff of the original - and - fuck!??? who gives about pucntuitation andyway??WTF WFT
03/15/2011 Marvin_Bernstein: the total ripoff got me all excited for a second but then my arousal went away _ underscore man
05/1/2011 scoop (5): It's good to see a short of some substance anchoring what's shaping up to be the biggest and best Guest Month in Acme's tumultuous history.
05/29/2011 anonymous: this is a mean jab and I just don't really see the point
02/2/2012 Marvin_Bernstein: I love this one.. masterpiece