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'yet another love poem' (based on 'Nature Via Nurture' by Matt Ridley)


injecting prairie voles with oxytocin or vasopressin
basically causes them to exhibit intense monogamous behaviours.
this does not work with mountain voles, for example, because
mountain voles don't have receptor genes for these chemicals.

you don't 'build' a species, you 'cook' it.
the composition of an organism (including behaviours) occurs
in the fourth dimension, not in the first three.

imagine a world where a couple with 'marital problems'
can basically buy a drug so that they fall in love again.
and we're not talking just viagra, or other sex stimulating shit,
(which would lead you to produce more oxytocin/valopressin anyway),
we're talking actually make you feel more attached to your spouse.
imagine the conversations in a world like that.

'i'm sorry bitch, you don't stimulate my oxytocin generation,
clearly i am not in love with you, and don't wish to artificially
be, by taking some drug ... '

masturbation also encourages generation of these chemicals,
so masturbation is good, because it makes you a more caring person.

Date Written: August 28, 2003
Author: riverfr0zen
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