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NY Times, Sunday Book Review, 08.14.03

An excerpt from the forthcoming memoirs of John McMasters, entitled: "Almost There, Just a Few More Seconds - A Life in Porn (From the Point of View of a Boom Mike Guy)"

January. A real chill in the air, barely disturbed by the heat in this here room. I can't even see straight. Straight enough to hold this microphone up. Up, up and away, is where I would like to fly. I can't escape this life. This.

"Don Carlos! What is this? What is this nonsense? In the ear, yes?"

At this point in my life, please believe me when I say I was no longer naive. Naive enough to believe in the power of love. But this act of love, this act of lovemaking we were filming, did it not cross all boundaries? And yet, I was losing my ideals. The language of love, heretofore explained to me as being understood by all throughout the world, was obviously not, right here, right now, in this very room.

For Randy's direction, so simple and direct, resulted only in a misappropriation of 'funds' by the glorious Don Carlos, who spoke only Portuguese (I was later told).

Date Written: September 12, 2003
Author: Texxx
Average Vote: 2.75

09/12/2003 anonymous (1):
09/12/2003 anonymous (1):
09/13/2003 Will Disney (5): wowee
10/21/2003 Dolemite (4): Surely a boom operator with this level of expertise has no use for euphemisms.