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Title: dickie dick dong and the vagina computer So there was a doctor and he had a patient with a bad vijayjay. It hurt so he put her on a table and turned on the vagina computer. He didn't notice because he was beating off but the vijaynaaa computer started flashing errors and beeping. "10 seconds until reboot" it flashed. Her jayna started hurting and squishing and gushing stuff and the pooey shute started letting out gum drops. She said "uhhhh". He said: "hold on a minute' as he tried to finish his bidness. The computer started flashing and the thing rebooted anyway. He tossed his final bidness and let out a sigh of relief. She lay there in shock as the examiner tray squished the vijayjay further. It was a bloody end. Too bad medical computers cost so much or it would be like a free porn show all the time

Date Written: May 08, 2012
Author: pointy_hat_herman_
Average Vote: 3.75

05/10/2012 Mr. Pony (4): That IS too bad!
05/11/2012 Mr. Pony: Welcome to Acme Shorts, pointy_hat_herman_!
05/12/2012 Marvin_Bernstein (3): what the hell is a vijayjay and why you say it so often? I think this short is significantly off and wrong
07/4/2012 Master Bates (4): This is good but where did the tray go & how
09/28/2012 Marvin_Bernstein: to Master's point, why gum drops? Did she prepare for this with gum drops? and yeah, why would a doctor have a food tray?
10/5/2012 Marvin Underscore Bernstein: Sometimes I like to pick my boogers and then put them in a bowl of milk and watch them float there until I fall asleep
10/13/2012 Litcube (4):