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Obama walked into the room in the mormon church and he said to Mitt: "mitty we need to talk" and then Mitty said "finally we agree on something" Obama came closer and then Mitt stepped up so they were face to face. It was then when Mitt said: "it was about time I told you something". He put his hand up against Barracks face and tenderly kissed him. Obama whispered "it's about time we came face to face" Kisses led to the next step and the next until the two men were embraced in a deep warmth of a Mormon fireplace under a beakskin rug, flesh to flesh, when suddenly the door opened. It was lady Gaga with a bullwhip and wearing only her skinnies. She said: "I thought you boys might need this. From a gun holster appeared a bottle of baby oil. Mitt replied "that is good". Gaga took hold of their necks and tied the whip into a know, although it would not have mattered as the two were close and pressing hard into eachother as she oiled their musclebound bodies. She slid around and kissed their flesh until the three of them became like doves in a nest. Although these things should last forever, things slowed down and came to a gentle stop in a matter of minutes. Gaga continued to circle the men like a writhing snake and used her fists in ways only a skilled and knowledgeable entertainer could. "Cleanup will be fun" she said. Barrack smiled. "So I'm top now" and Romney nodded eagerly. Denver will be a fun event. just wait until after the debates. Well do this again. They all triangle kissed. The end.

Date Written: September 28, 2012
Author: Marvin_Bernstein
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10/1/2012 anonymous: ummm no
10/3/2012 Marvin_Bernstein: yes?
10/5/2012 Marvin Underscore Bernstein: Suddenly lol
10/7/2012 Marvin_Bernstein: Mitt's aching gash!