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Cooley High
Episode 1A
Empathy Scene

Enter Mr. Greenspoon. First day of class.

Greenspoon: "Something's gotta change around here. It's 1968!"

Lazy Student #1: "Yeah. Okay. Like what's gotta change, Greeny?"

Cell phone cacophany towards the back of the room.

Greenspoon: "Don't make me come back there and wring your necks! Take my life, please!"

Lazy Student #2: "What kinda routine is this, Spoon? Huh? You wanna get us all on the same page?"

Lazy Student #1: "Look everybody. It's the Greasy Spoon! Man, I wouldn't eat there!"

Scattered chuckles.

Greenspoon: "What has that got to do with Ethics?"

Lazy Student #1: "Ethics? They don't teach that in high school. What is this - community college?"

Greenspoon throws a sufficiently hard right cross into the face of an elderly bystander. Bystander there for some reason (fix later).

Old Man: "Forsooth!"

Lazy Student #2: "What is that?! Gaelic? God, this is killing me."

Drops of blood scattered on the floor. Exeunt.

Date Written: November 25, 2003
Author: Texxx
Average Vote: 2

11/25/2003 anonymous (2):
11/26/2003 Will Disney: opaque. dense. i'm withholding a star rating pending further consideration and thought.
02/24/2004 Texxx (5): Man - this one's awesome!