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"And if you 're gonna start telling me that Santa doesn't exist!?!"

It doesn't matter if he's nuts and his familly owns the building at the end of the block...
There's always a christmas tree for every holiday (halloween-tree, thanksgiving-tree, fourth-of-july-tree).

"You can take one if you want."
"I can't."
"They'll get run over if you don't!"
"I'm not allowed to have pets."
"You think they're so cute, and you leave them to die in street!"

Was that an omen, that last time I saw a Watermelon flavored italian colored mash in the middle of the road? When that nightmare tried not to look, she said "Oh, a dead cat...that's got to be an omen."

There's several of them around here...
Strays; feral street pussys. And only one with any sense, if that is at all possible. But that little black one, the one that runs towards you instead of away, we haven't seen that one around here since halloween.

There's lots of kids and flags on this block. When it's warm these kids play outside, screaming. Every year they get older, and some of the screams get louder while others disappear.

Date Written: December 17, 2003
Author: Rafus Butler
Average Vote: 0

06/9/2004 TheBuyer: universally ignored, odd, not funny, but is it so bad?