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...and Lord Havens had always been a reliable athletic supporter, even in his youth...he was there for all the cricket matches, the polo, the rugby...he soaked up the atmosphere like no other...and yet had it been enjoyable?...all the traveling...the humidity...the neglible treatment...

...And abruptly he awoke to an ill-timed teabagging by Mr. Willis Bigfeather, the butler of seven months employ - and the only Comanche butler in all of Britain. He made sure of that one.

And yet, what kind of upward mobility was this? What twisted social Darwinism? Good God, he thought, bring back primogeniture, for chrissakes!

Date Written: January 04, 2004
Author: Texxx
Average Vote: 2

01/8/2004 anonymous (2):
01/8/2004 qualcomm: was it my imagination, or is it true that when i looked at this short at about 4:30 AM (i was pissing out my asshole, folks), there was a typo, "teenbagging"? that's a cool word, teenbagging.
01/8/2004 Texxx: Hmmm...not to my knowledge. Although that is a good word.
01/8/2004 Will Disney: willis bigfeather, eh?
01/8/2004 Texxx: You know him?
01/8/2004 Will Disney: dude, that's my Spirit name!
01/8/2004 Captain Crunch: I love this one!!! My favorite part is when it goes "?...all the traveling...the humidity...the neglible treatment..." I feel the same way some times!!!
01/8/2004 Jimson S. Sorghum: Maybe it's due to the fact that teebagging is really supposed to be spelt teabagging? That might be what spurred the misunderstanding.
01/8/2004 Texxx: Crap! You're right. This has nothing to do with golf tees.
01/8/2004 Texxx: Okay! I fixed it!
01/8/2004 qualcomm: all's i know is i would love to teenbag some stupid, bellyshirted, pierced teen... oh man....
01/8/2004 anonymous: That's stupid!!! I already said the best part was when it goes "the neglible treatment..." It reminds me of my mom!!!
01/8/2004 Dylan Danko: Oh man, Feldy you just gave me a boner. Which is creepy.