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"Devon, You hard?"
"Yeah, It's good."
"Being hard, son"
"I'm Hard."
"The Fuck!?! I just said I was hard!"
"Oh, I was just..."
"It's Ok."
"That's how hard I am. Right there."
"The Fuck you talking about?"
"How I flipped out: only for a second, kid!"
"Oh, so y'all on some kind of like master-of-your-own-temple type shit."
"Hell's yes."
"Now, Y'all hard 'nuff to give your old man a hug?"

Hug Happens.

Date Written: January 14, 2004
Author: Rafus Butler
Average Vote: 2

01/20/2004 anonymous (2):
01/20/2004 anonymous (5):
01/20/2004 Joseph Keith: How many are in this dialogue :)
01/20/2004 Will Disney: you know what? this one is sort of unsettling.
01/23/2004 scoop: pleasantly baffling.
02/24/2004 annebot (1): the flashbacks alone make this too hard to enjoy. hee hee get it? too hard!
05/24/2004 TheBuyer (1): Eh?
12/11/2004 Streifenbeuteldachs (1): If any short deserves a one star, truly this short does.