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His double chin dripped of watery sour cream. Three day stubble poked through the not so creamy mush that was now dribbling down his neck. He picked his nose. Getting a good one he sneered at it in approval, wiping it under the red and yellow table. He glanced around the room as a mere afterthought.

The minumum caste earner stared at him, mop in hand. Now looking like more like a prop. Holding him back from throttling this fat maggot with all that he had...

Date Written: January 18, 2004
Author: Joseph Keith
Average Vote: 3

01/26/2004 Will Disney (3): this one is sort of creepy!
01/26/2004 Joseph Keith: yeah...red and yellow kinda clash. :)
01/27/2004 Ewan Snow (3): The first few sentences are pretty funny, but it sort of dwindles after that.