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"Existence = essence."
*Munch Munch Munch*

"Absurdity is trying to make sense of a random, uncaring universe. Best simply to 'do' as we all choose."
*Munch munch munch*

He sighs.
*Chomp chew snap*

"What are we left with other than our fee will?" He looks up at the sky filled with birds. "These birds fly so free...why does that fill me with despair?"
*Crunch crunch chomp*

"So this is ennui? Hmmmph, no big deal."
*Chew munch munch*

He begins to light a cigarette. The monster pauses briefly due to an instinctive fear of fire but then returns to devouring its prey.

He sighs again. "This too shall pass". He inhales deeply from his cigarette.
*Chomp chomp chomp*

Date Written: February 04, 2004
Author: Lenny
Average Vote: 1

02/16/2004 Will Disney: So it's a very thoughtful monster and he's eating somebody, right?
02/16/2004 anonymous (1): Yes, "fee will" is crucial. So is humour.
02/16/2004 anonymous (1): This is a great short.
02/16/2004 qualcomm (1): this is a ripoff of grendel.
02/16/2004 anonymous: Yes, I was going to mention Grendel, but didn't want to spoil the chance for Feldspar to cite a rip-off...
02/16/2004 qualcomm: thank you.
02/16/2004 Lenny: Who's Grendel? Isn't that Hansel's sister?
02/16/2004 anonymous: Grendel is John Gardner's modern take on Beowulf. It is told from the POV of the dragon, Grendel, from the original tale, who wrestles with issues of existential import. Your short is like a retarded version of a treatment for Grendel.
02/16/2004 Lenny: Actually, Will, it's an existentialist slowly being devoured by a monster. Having no knowledge of Grendel I have no idea what people are referencing, but there are two characters in this short - and the monster is the silent one.