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"Have a nice trip, Jenson? See you next Fall! Do you think you have enough vacation time for another one? You better check with HR." Patrick Cudinback, VP of Marketing, announced, as I stumbled into the conference room for our weekly manager's meeting. As usual, everyone got a big laugh.

Embarrassed and flushing, I impotently and uncomfortably responded, "Haha, another good one Patrick."

I wanted to jump across the table and choke that insensitive bastard. He's constantly making jokes at my expense. I hate him, I hate him. Sometimes I wish he were dead.

Then I remember that I fuck his wife (in the ass every other week, she's funny like that) at the Omni Hotel every Wednesday during lunch...and for some reason, that makes it all right.

Date Written: February 13, 2004
Author: senator
Average Vote: 3.75

02/23/2004 anonymous (4):
02/23/2004 Will Disney: yeah, that would make it all right. i appreciated the opening couple sentences.
02/23/2004 Texxx: Does the fact that it's 'in the ass' make him feel better than if it were just standard intercourse?
02/23/2004 Will Disney: of course texxx! Where have you been? come on - it's the aughts already...
02/23/2004 Texxx: The aughts? Is that the 2000's?
02/24/2004 annebot (4): Payback is a bitch. But payback in ass form is SUPERBITCHIN'
03/18/2004 Mr. Pony (4):
05/24/2004 TheBuyer (3):