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Dear Mr. Chuck E. Cheese,

Thank you for playing music for me and my friends at my fifth birthday party yesterday. You were really good and made me really happy. Mommy and Daddy didnít even yell at each other for most of the time because you sang really good. Can you come to my house too? If you sing at my house, my Mommy and Daddy will be happy and not yell and hit me so much. You can stay in my room so when Daddy comes home drunk and comes into my room, he wonít think Iím Mommy. Thanks Mr. Chuck E. Cheese.

Your best friend,

Date Written: March 18, 2004
Author: Dolemite
Average Vote: 2.4

03/24/2004 Rafus Butler: Not enuf speling eras to be authentik
03/24/2004 Craig Lewis (2): Yeah, Dolemite, I generally love your work, but you've really dropped a stinker on us today. The abused child scenario is pretty banal in the first place, and you don't really do anything with it here beyond the obvious. The short relies on ther inherent yuks-value of Chuck E. Cheese -- a dicey proposition. Rafus is right about the spelling. And the same little-kid voice -- and the epistolary form! -- has been better exploited in this Disney job. Sorry, Charlie.
03/24/2004 John Slocum: Lewis: Rafus is refering to my insulting his spelling yesterday, not making a comment on this short.
03/24/2004 Will Disney: okay so it's painted with something of a broad brush. still, i like the gag about not thinking he's mommy. call me a PERVERT if you will.
03/24/2004 John Slocum (3): You're a pervert. By the way, wouldn't it have been funny if Chuck E. Cheese came to stay in little Brian's room and fucked his little ass? 2.5 stars.
03/24/2004 anonymous: It would have been funnier if Chuck E. Cheese came to stay in little Brian's room and caught little Brian in the act of fucking his teddy bear.
03/24/2004 anonymous: Ha!
03/24/2004 anonymous (2): This is most definitely a two-star effort on my part. It was originally intended as a Friendster testimonial, but unsure how the recipient would interpret it, I decided to submit it to Acmeshorts. So bask in the glow of my mediocre sloppy seconds.
06/21/2004 TheBuyer (2): yup
06/21/2004 Mr. Pony (3): +1 because if I saw this as a Friendster testimonial, I probably would have laughed a little. Or at least thought to myself "That's funny."
01/20/2005 Litcube (2): [stumble]