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Nine hours later the plane was landing in Guam, and the Molecule was feeling good.
They hit it off. They both had a long lay-over and he figured he might get some play out of this chick!
As the Molecule stood into the aisle, he felt a slight gurgling in his stomach. A disquieting feeling he’s had before. Ignoring it, he helped the model with her bag.
“So what should we do?” she asked.
OH GOD, the Molecule felt his stomach flush itself, almost down to his anus. Quickly he crouched, wedging his heel against his ass hole, in an effort to stop the inevitable.
His eyes rolled back into their socket, his face distorted by the effort it took not to let the putrefied airplane food find an exit. His stomach flushed itself again, and a certain peace came over him. Beads of sweat evaporated on his forehead.
“Come with me to the VIP lounge.” She had a mischievous look in her eyes.
Motherfucker! Not now! The Molecule knew he could not stop what was to come. His bowels were acting up again. His stomach flushed. Quickly, he wedged his ass hole into the armrest.
Couple of deep breaths.
“Absolute-“His eyes half closed. The torrent of shit looking for a way out was not letting up. He was sweating more profusely now. The tiniest of farts escaped, along with an unidentifiable deposit. Perhaps a piece of corn, or even some carrot. What was identifiable was the wetness he felt against his buttocks.
The aisle was moving. A heinous cloud of fecal matter hung in the air.
She seemed oblivious, and he thought he felt a little better.
They walked off the plane into the airport.
More deep breaths.
Come on. OK. OK!
The Molecule was squeezing his ass cheeks tight, but it wasn’t helping. His stomach rumbled loudly. Listening carefully, one could almost hear a whistling sound.
A Men’s room on his right. She was a little ways ahead.
He let her go.
Into the stall, ripping his pants off. A stream of shit already escaping as he aimed his ass towards the bowl. Too late, he noticed puddles of piss on the seat.
It was difficult to distinguish what splashed more. His shit into the water, or his ass on the piss against the seat.
It reeked. Anyone taking a piss or even a shit for that matter would be gagging.
The Molecule, on toilet, sitting in piss, and a heavy load in the bowl, thought back to the model. Damn, she was hot.
He looked at his cock. It twitched.
“Fuck it”, he said out loud.
The Molecule, on the toilet, sitting in piss, and a liquefied putridity in the bowl,
rubbed one out.

Date Written: March 30, 2004
Author: mr.coffee
Average Vote: 4.46429

04/2/2004 Craig Lewis (4): I feel dirty. 3.5.
04/2/2004 Mr. Pony (5): Yeah-heah!
04/2/2004 scoop (5): mr. coffee's effort illustrates the tough demands on the modern man of attending to a dazzling array of biological needs. The Molecule is a multi-tasker hip to the 21st Century.
04/2/2004 John Slocum (4): Tremendous effort! Nice work. Who hasn't been there?
04/2/2004 scoop: Good short, mr. coffee. You thoroughly disgusted Moe-Ron.
04/2/2004 Moe-Ron (5): Sorry, I fucked up again. Five stars to you.
04/2/2004 Dylan Danko (4): 3.5 I didn't think this short was going anywhere until he rubbed one out. Still it's a bit Trainspotting.
04/2/2004 Cabot (4): End at '...would be gagging,' and I give it 5. Explosive in every sense.
04/2/2004 Jon Matza (4): I hope you're proud of yourself, coffee.
04/2/2004 mr.coffee: I feel proud..I think...?
04/2/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan (4): For some strange reason I'd like to read this again written in Bizarro-speak.
04/4/2004 qualcomm (4):
04/28/2004 Benny Maniacs (5): I take back anything I ever said about Mr. Coffee. "I crammed my heel into my ass hole" was poetry.
06/16/2004 Mr. Joshua (5): This one went on a little too long, but it is, nonetheless, a small masterpiece.
07/19/2005 Poop (5): Poop!
01/10/2010 Marvin_Bernstein (4.5): classic