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This was the cocktail: one part fish oil, one part bear dung, two parts mustard gas peppered with Tabasco and venom. It wafted in a dim mist above Marciís dead body when Sgt. Jameson walked into her apartment on Fondness Street.

"Something isn't right here," the Sgt. said.

He was standing over Beckyís body. It had been hacked with a barbeque fork by her husband Luis, who carved his initials in her gummy flush and deposited her heart at her side like a keepsake.

The sergeant felt lucky; he knew what to do. From his breast pocket he pulled a tiny glass bottle of lavender-scented No. 9. He sent a glimmering river of purplefall into Marciís wide-mouthed heart hole. Soapy bubbles climbed out and floated through the acrid fuzz. Glory! So rococo.

"Now I can work," the sergeant thought. He ripped a few pansies from a pot and planted them in her heart. He flicked on the radio, Tchaikovsky rose to the ceiling and the sergeant did a ballroom twirl with outstretched arms even though he was alone.

All alone with a half-empty bottle of love potion and a dead body on Fondness Street.

Imagine the life.

Date Written: April 08, 2004
Author: Lola
Average Vote: 3

04/13/2004 Will Disney: This one's pretty unsettling!
04/13/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan (4): The last sentence sorta blows it for me, but there's a lot here I like. I like "glory" and "hole" being so near eachother. Sets up the spike reel nice.
04/13/2004 Maxwell Demon (2): Sorry-I didnít like. The morbidity mixed with absurdity seems a little too random to me. The situation seems more theatrical than dramatic. I do like the last two lines though.
04/13/2004 Cabot: I like this a little better.
04/13/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan: Wow. good call Cabot that one is better. I'd like to detract a star, but oh well.
04/13/2004 John Slocum (3): I also like the last line, and I like Fondness St. Could be tightened up a bit.
04/14/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan: Wow,that was a crass comment. Sorry about that.
04/14/2004 Cabot: FP - you just made history. The first (sincere) Acme apology.
04/14/2004 Mr. Pony: Now Cabot, there have been plenty of sincere apologies--which you would know, if you were Texxx!
04/14/2004 Cabot: This 'Texxx' is haunting me. I'm merely absorbing what I've seen thus far.
04/14/2004 Mr. Pony: Right, see, that's what I'm saying.
04/14/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan: Pony, are you saying that Cabot is some sort of "absorbing man" and that Cabot may have at some time in the past "absorbed" Texxx? Or are you still maintaining your arguement that Cabot is not Texxx, which by the way Cabot has never directly answered one way or the other. That's cool and all if that's what you're doing, but I like the absorbing man theory better.
04/14/2004 Cabot: Or are you suggesting this?
04/14/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan: Well Cabot, do I need to point out that you just suggested that? Man what an identity crisis! Cabot, be who you need to be. Let it shine for all to see!