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It was time.
He'd been caught.
He couldn't run to it.
He couldn't run from it.
So he brought out the power tools and made her scream.

Date Written: May 15, 2004
Author: Pix
Average Vote: 1.6667

05/20/2004 Will Disney: kinda creepy, right?
05/20/2004 Pix: Disney:It depends on your perspective... For you yes.
05/20/2004 John Slocum (1): I'll get started here, 1.1!
05/20/2004 Jon Matza: Author: did you really think this would be well-received?
05/20/2004 anonymous: John.. Your right, this short is not nearly as misogynistic or sexist as it ought to be. I'll try harder next time, or maybe I'll just shove something up someones ass and call it a day.
05/20/2004 Dylan Danko (1): Yoo hoo, over here sailor!
05/20/2004 Will Disney: it is creepy for me - but i think this was submitted by a new guest author so listen: congratulations and welcome to the acmeshorts shitstorm! try to remember that we're all a bunch of idiots here, except Matza, and so don't take things too personally...
05/20/2004 Jon Matza: Don't you belittle me, Disney!
05/20/2004 anonymous: Thank you for the welcome Disney. This short tells 2 totally different stories all depending on who the reader is and how thier mind works. As for the shitstorm. It is 100% expected and accepted. I've been lurking awhile.
05/20/2004 Ewan Snow: I see that this is now an inside short. Maybe if it had been marked as such in the morning people might have refrained from dumping on it. It seems more or less meaningless to me, but I guess I'm not on the inside...
05/20/2004 TheBuyer: o dear...now I get it...o dear.
05/20/2004 anonymous: Snow: It was, then it wasn't and now it is again. I'm Schizophrenic at the best of times.
05/20/2004 TheBuyer (3): vibrator joke, speaking of sticking things into asses
05/20/2004 Mr. Pony: Oh my goodness!
05/21/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan: Schizophrenic with a capital "s"?
05/21/2004 TheBuyer: Damn straight, F.P.C, damn straight.
05/26/2004 Pix: Ass-Fucker!
08/13/2004 TheBuyer: Pix is my friend, I get this short.