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Call upon your minions to whisper dark lies in your ears, Lucullus, for there is no bright departure for you from your exile in ignorance. In umbrage you remain protected from the sensible light of the sun, whose rays of knowledge would only serve to disappoint your casual state of darkened unknowing. In other words the darkness represents how stupid you are and the light is all that stuff you donít know. So Iím saying you better wear sunscreen to protect you from the harsh light of reality, dude.

Date Written: August 20, 2002
Author: Ewan Snow
Average Vote: 4.25

04/18/2004 Tiddlycove (4): After all these months, I urge you not to be disappointed in receiving your one and only vote from someone who has never before darkened your door. I laughed at this short. I wish I had thought of it first. 'Dude' seems a bit wrong, but I have no better suggestion.
05/18/2004 TheBuyer (4): No doubt. Tiddlycove is smart.
07/30/2004 Litcube (4): I just took a shit.
01/10/2005 Stomach Foot (5): Stomach Foot here.
01/10/2005 Mr. Pony: Wow, Snow.
01/10/2005 Ewan Snow: Stomach Foot here. I know it's bad form, but I think this one deserves wider recognition. So sue me.