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“What is it, Lopsang?”

“He say cannot go any more. He finished. He say Big Strong Man get angry if he go more. He stop now.”

“Stop? Good God, man, we’re almost there. He can’t quit now. Tell him … ask him what he wants.”

“He say there is big hole. You here, he there, big hole in between. Too big.”

“Too big? What … a hole?”

“Yes, big hole. Like … how you say … gap. Big gap. He say you need to give him more money or he stop.”

“This is robbery. Lopsang, tell him that I cannot give him any more money, and that I am very angry. Tell him there is no gap. My Big Strong Man has many weapons. Many, many weapons. Powerful weapons. Tell him that.”

“He say gap is sooooo big. Say you here, him there, and you cheap. He not afraid of Big Strong man with big weapons. He say numbers not lie. You not even cover dealer invoice you so cheap. That what he say.”

“Fine then. Tell him to shove it up his ass. It’s a fucking Alero, for Christ’s sake. Fucking heathen.”

Date Written: May 30, 2004
Author: Cooper Green
Average Vote: 3

06/3/2004 scoop (3): But just barely.
06/3/2004 Will Disney: here's 4 stars for deadwood. love that show.
06/3/2004 TheBuyer: Please consider this a cry for ass-is-tance - what is going in this short? I'm pretty but not that bright.
06/3/2004 scoop: This Nepalese Sherpah is finagling with a slicked-back car salesman over the price of a popular Oldsmobile. Its a wacky cross-cultural comedy of errors wherein hilarity ensues.
06/3/2004 TheBuyer: Understood, thank you. The hilarity part is eluding me at the moment but I'm super fucking pissed-off about something unrelated so I'll take your word for it.
06/6/2004 TheBuyer (3): fuck i hate this fucking keyboarrd...i need a refreshing peach cooler.
06/7/2004 John Slocum: How could you!
08/13/2004 Litcube (3):