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Date Written: June 04, 2004
Author: Jon Matza
Average Vote: 3.125

06/9/2004 Benny Maniacs (3): This charming rendition of a pot head left me hangin' on the last frame. Here it committed one of the worst Acme sins of all; being too cute. Who says dear, anyway, since grandpappy Jones spanked Gran?
06/9/2004 qualcomm: not sure what i'm going to rate this just yet. but one point if i may: it would have been better if it were just that first panel. also, maniacs, i don't think this guy's supposed to be a pothead (necessarily)
06/9/2004 scoop: Am I missing something? Is there some reference/deep mystery I'm not fathoming about this?
06/9/2004 Will Disney: it's a little wide. a like the principle of the joke.
06/9/2004 Ewan Snow (3): Sorry, but I must give this a three.
06/9/2004 anonymous: My apologies to Acme. I know this was a bit feeble/mainstream/cutesy but I hoped the guy's utter dejection in last panel would redeem it slightly. Guess not. Fuck you, Czynski!
06/9/2004 TheBuyer (3): (tnemmoc on)
06/9/2004 qualcomm: author, are those liver spots on this guy's temples?
06/9/2004 Ewan Snow: Would liver spots make it better? I assumed those were the remains of his hair...
06/9/2004 qualcomm: yes. also, i must say, had the author made this a one-panel job, as stated below, i'd'a given it a four
06/9/2004 Ewan Snow: To be fair, I think this could be, if it were drawn a little more carefully, an actual mainstream comic strip. But as the author said, it is altogether too mainstream/cutesy for the Acme community.
06/9/2004 anonymous: p.s. Just for the record I didn't think of Czynski as smoking pot (though I see how it looks that way); he's just a browbeaten suburban milquetoast who smokes a pipe. On a deeper level, he is all of us, including Jimson.
06/9/2004 qualcomm: yeah, but author -- ARE THOSE LIVER SPOTS??!
06/9/2004 scoop (2):
06/9/2004 TheBuyer: Is that 'Jack' from Nighmare Before Christmas climbing the mountain?
06/9/2004 qualcomm (4): this reminds me of an object for which i once cared a great deal.
06/9/2004 Litcube (3): I'm not a egg salads anymore.
06/9/2004 TheBuyer: Litcube: it'll be fine, just pick it up and brush it off.
06/9/2004 anonymous: Point taken, Litcube
06/10/2004 John Slocum (4): I would disagree with The Lerpa on one point: I think the first 3 panels are choice, particularly the 3rd one. After that it seems to lose focus heading for the "punchline." But I love the guy's posture in panel 1, the way he's leaning to the side with his arm draped over the side of the chair (exactly the way an adventurer's wouldn't - I know because I'm an adventurer), and I love the way panel 3 shows an ethereal change with the shadowed face and the pipe smoke obscuring some of his head.
12/7/2004 Mr. Pony (3): Oddly, author, the last panel drags the whole class down with it. There are other fine elements, though, most of which have been mentioned here.
01/14/2005 Litcube: The question marks hovering above the imaginary selves are what do it for me.