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the old river danced like the moon singing, and i sat there with my banjo, plucking at the strings and watching the fireflies. oh yeah, and sipping moonshine and lifting skirts and then i would just STICK OH YEAH - PENILE the penis YES.

yes, i remember those fine days...

Date Written: June 21, 2004
Author: Will Disney
Average Vote: 2.6667

06/24/2004 qualcomm (2): deh
06/24/2004 Will Disney (4): swell
06/24/2004 scoop (2): that's too bad. i was really looking forward to this while it was in the queue. i liked that first line a bunch. oh well.
06/24/2004 Moe-Ron (2): i wanted to vote 1-star, but i'm a girl and felt bad.
06/24/2004 scoop: A rare Moe-Ron sighting.
06/24/2004 TheBuyer (2): scoop is right, disney is charitable, moe-ron is elusive, the lerpa has spoken, i will fall in step behind them
06/24/2004 qualcomm: you'll pay for this nonsense, disney. the sins of this short shall be visited ten-fold upon your fontanelle.
06/24/2004 TheBuyer: well this is just fucking weird, i can't get to this short from the homepage, is this a relegated author short? It reads like guest work.
06/24/2004 TheBuyer: ...fuck I know I'm gonna pay for that one.
06/24/2004 Ewan Snow: Take it easy, buyer...
06/24/2004 TheBuyer: Ya, I'm good. I'll be fine as soon as I get the taste of this thing out my mouth.
06/25/2004 Phony Millions (4): Compensating for two's, it's a solid three, no? The way the syntax falls apart quickly and it gets wrapped up sloppily, like a spent wad that dribbled rebelliously back into the author's underwear, is the redeeming factor.
06/25/2004 Will Disney: god bless you evans. i knew someone would understand.
06/25/2004 TheBuyer: man, I made some seriously asshole comments yesterday, sorry Will!
06/25/2004 qualcomm: um, brad? we don't end sentences with ", no?" here on acme anymore, 'kay? thanks, guy. good stuff.
06/25/2004 Ewan Snow: or so lerpa declared.
06/28/2004 John Slocum (4): Brad's comment help me to enjoy this in a 4 star kind of way.