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“You made it! I always you new you would!”

“Yes father and I have so much to tell you!”

“Yes Son, I look forward to hearing it all. But do you have the antidote!”

“I don’t hate mother anymore, I understand now!”

“That’s great son…”

“And my fear of committing to the world, I know now that it’s all in my own mind!”

“I am so pleased, son, so pleased, but what about the antidote…”

“Oh Father, so many adventures, so many experiences, I’ve learned so much!”

“I can see it your face son, in your very posture, you are a new man! But about that antidote…”

“Oh I know it began as a voyage in search of an antidote for your exotic infection, father, but it turned in to so much more. It became a spiritual journey, with twists of the soul and turns of the heart I never could have imagined!”

“Yes! Indeed! (Cough) And what about the, uh, you know, the antidote part of the quest thing?”

“Father the antidote was a mirage, merely my outward goal. The real journey lied within.”

“I really need that fucking antidote, son.”

“I couldn’t find the antidote, but I return to you with a deeper understanding of the community at large and, more importantly, of my relationship with you, Dad.”

Later that week, as his Father died bleeding out in his quarantined bedroom, screaming for hours in an inarticulate howl of anguish and pain, the Son listened, legs crossed, reflectively in the parlor. He met this tragic obstacle with a stiff resolve he never could have summoned before his harrowing adventures searching high and low for the antidote.

Post-Script: Science would later inadvertently discover a cure for the mysterious infection and distribute it to clinics across the globe with little fanfare.

Date Written: July 29, 2004
Author: scoop
Average Vote: 3.75

08/2/2004 Dylan Danko: Everyone move back. Danko's voting.
08/2/2004 Dylan Danko (5):
08/2/2004 Will Disney (3): What can I say? I liked it okay but it didn't have the laughs I was looking for.
08/2/2004 anonymous: Sorry Will, I cut out the part where he writes in his journal about what he ate on his journey.
08/2/2004 scoop (5): To keep up the ruse that someone else wrote this!
08/2/2004 TheBuyer (4): The joke is telegraphed fairly early on but the screaming, bloody death makes up for it.
08/2/2004 Dylan Danko: Ha! Scoop couldn't contain his dangerous pride.
08/2/2004 Vampa1978 (4): nice work...good use of that ! icon.
08/3/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan (4): I liked the part where the Father says he really needs that fucking antidote. That reminds me of my dad.
08/3/2004 Mr. Pony (4): scoop, re: your ruse--Would you really have given this short five stars? I liked it, but it strikes me as the sort of work you wouldn't really like that much!
08/3/2004 John Slocum (3): Not too funny, inward or outward. I like the post-script.
08/3/2004 Dylan Danko: I regret my vote and apologize to the acme community.
08/4/2004 Litcube (3):