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Dave and Gary were drinking beer and smoking Camels when Kimbery got home. From the time she got home to find the two men sitting on the couch, to the time she got undressed and got into bed, Kimberly didn't say a word, no one did. She walked into the main room and made a face like she hit the hair rolled halfway through a joint. She picked up the I Heart Gary, I am Gary coffee cup and spat her gum into it, she set it back down on the table.
She turned and took off her coat.
She switched off the hallway light on her way to the bedroom, a crushed marigold petal stuck to her heel; the air rushed back into the room.
Gary picked up the cup and fished out the cherry wad, "Honestly, sometimes I'd rather wake up next to the dog," he flicked it against the wall, where it stuck, "Yesterday, she had flowers sticking out of her asshole."
"I don't get it."
"Nothing to get, she put a bunch of flowers into her asshole stem first and they were sticking out- you know, out of her ass. Dasies. Maybe gladiolas. Alright, I'm gonna go fuck her, take off."

Date Written: October 20, 2004
Author: TheBuyer
Average Vote: 4.2

10/26/2004 Mr. Pony (5): Gary is a very lucky fellow! Dave, too, come to think of it.
10/26/2004 qualcomm (4): i call seconds on that hosehound.
10/27/2004 Pix (4): Why isn't anyone voting on this? Litcube, where are you?
10/27/2004 Litcube: I'm right here, sweety pumpkin pooh.
10/27/2004 Jon Matza: I don't get why "air rushed back into the room". Was her entrance breathtaking or tension-filled or something?
10/27/2004 TheBuyer: Ya the latter. My intent was that she walked in and sucked the air out of the room, caused tension, was met with silence etc.
10/27/2004 Jon Matza: Hrm, as the 'cube would say.
10/27/2004 Litcube: Why is Dave lucky?
10/27/2004 Yahzick (4): This short hit close to home. It's another one of those ones that makes me feel that I can love again.
10/27/2004 Yahzick: On an unrelated note, TheBuyer is a cunt. Aren't'cha, big fella?
10/27/2004 Litcube (4): 'Arncha, Buyer? Your little bigger brother just called you a "cunt". Howdya feel 'bout that, eh big fella?
10/28/2004 TheBuyer: Warm. I feel warm. Like a proper cunt.