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The majestic white head of Glamumeld, the last of the phallicorns, burst forth from a turbulent thunderhead, nostrils flaring, brilliant eyes agleam, his mighty mane bristling heroically against the shimmering backdrop of the COSMOS! The veinous wonder thrusting from his brow, turgid and straining, sent a shower of its opalescent cream through the evening sky like a cascade of shooting stars. In his mind, Pedro saw a wonderous image of pajama'd children snuggling with stuffed bears wishing on this glittering rain he'd just airbrushed to the side of the Econoline.

He stepped back and appraised his rendering of a squinting, incredulous Donald Rumsfeld just to the right of the tinted, diamond-shaped bubble window. A viscous, stretched pearl of ejaculate clung to his glasses, a shimmering smear of it lashed his forehead...

With a finger raised, Pedro's sneering Rumsfeld admonished, "I see no real evidence of a phallicorn."

Van show was in like four days and Pedro was feelin' that shit.

Date Written: November 01, 2004
Author: Dick Vomit
Average Vote: 3

11/9/2004 Your Dad: Is this a dream?
11/9/2004 TREE (2): Mr Rumsfeld brought this down
11/9/2004 TheBuyer: I stalled after the first graph. Ended well but middled poorly.
11/9/2004 anonymous: Die, TREE. Die.
11/9/2004 The Rid (2): Tried reading this twice. It's just not worth the effort for a third.
11/9/2004 TREE: ahhh the death of a TREE...what a glorious story author...will you write it or perhaps we could let the talented have the idea?
11/9/2004 anonymous: Maybe this one's a stinker. What do I know? Could be.
11/9/2004 TheBuyer: Author, it's not so bad, but the extra political stuff didn't help the joke. It was funny just to have this PR douchebag painting a massive erection on the side of his van in time for the show, the 'no evidence' stuff bogs it down.
11/9/2004 TREE: remember no one is attacking you personally author well at least not regarding your writing ...maybe some people are making this personal ...oh wait did you tell me to die?
11/9/2004 Mr. Pony (3): Hey, TREE, you're not trying to suggest that you're actually a tree, are you?
11/9/2004 Litcube: Are you calling him a liar?
11/9/2004 Mr. Pony: Well, it's the prelude to that, yes. I guess we'll see.
11/9/2004 TheBuyer (3): middle ground. good idea, missed the mark.
11/9/2004 TREE: PONY are you insane? do you realy believe in the tooth fairy? please take your meds and relax I am made completly of dark matter
11/10/2004 Mr. Pony: Seriously, your accent is driving me nuts! Where did you say you were you born?
11/10/2004 TREE: Pony I didn't but since you ask I was born in CANADA....if you get confused go to kellog's website I think they have a map
02/2/2005 qualcomm (5): fu, alliance