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Date Written: November 09, 2004
Author: Mr. Pony
Average Vote: 4

11/22/2004 Will Disney: so who's winning here?
11/22/2004 Ewan Snow: Hmmmmm...... Not sure on this one. Mr. Pony what should I vote on this one?
11/22/2004 Dick Vomit: Q: Is Fr. Miller Cambodian?
11/22/2004 The Rid: Stumped.
11/22/2004 qualcomm (5): fucking brilliant
11/22/2004 qualcomm: though there are 17 lines too many
11/22/2004 Ewan Snow: Ha!
11/22/2004 Ewan Snow (4): QC, why brilliant? I was pleasantly surprised by the punchline, and liked the comic in general, but not as much as you, I guess. How come? Huh, how?
11/22/2004 Ewan Snow: So nobody likes this one?
11/22/2004 anonymous: I like it, but it's been brought to my attention that what's going on is pretty unclear. Whoops!
11/22/2004 Jon Matza: Yeah, what's the contest here? Praying? Staring? Draw qualcomm?
11/22/2004 anonymous: Faith.
11/22/2004 scoop: Wait. Are there actually "people" on this site who don't understand this? IMCO.
11/22/2004 TheBuyer: The human looks a bit like G.W, huh.
11/22/2004 John Slocum: Scoop: I'm not saying I don't understand this, but why don't you say what's going on, and I'll see if you're right.
11/23/2004 scoop: Sure Slocum, no prob. Let me just go grab my crayons and some construciton paper. Or would you perfer a thesis of macaroni and glue? Is that would you perfer, Slocum? Macaroni? Is it? Is that what you would perfer? Really?
11/23/2004 John Slocum: no, how bout some wine, though? And some cheese, maybe?
11/23/2004 John Slocum: I think I just got it. Good night.
11/28/2004 John Slocum (3): didn't do it for me, even when I finally got it 27 hours later.
01/26/2005 Litcube: Ok, for serious, what's going on here? Remember: Like you did with Disney.
01/26/2005 Mr. Pony: Father Miller sees a Squid God, an alien to this plane of existence. He believes it to be an adversary; a test of his Faith. He can't believe his eyes, then he fights and prays, only to find himself in a losing battle against the singular power of an alien deity. Turns out the Squid God just needs some help, being an alien to this plane of existence. I had hoped that this would come across more clearly, but I spent so much time drawing Father Miller that I became emotionally involved in his state of mind, and his thoughts became so clear to me that I didn't think they needed explaining.
01/26/2005 Litcube: Ahuh. I see. To be honest, that's totally different than what I was thinking when I first viewed this short. An explanation as to the squid's arrival is somewhat important to the humour in this piece; it explains why he's asking for help. Thank you, Mr. Pony.
01/26/2005 Mr. Pony: Working on the other response to the other thing. You mentioned three shorts?
01/26/2005 Mr. Pony: Wait, so what were you thinking?
01/26/2005 Litcube: I mentioned three in case you decided to barter. Little was I expecting your philanthropy. Specifically, I've always wondered about those two shorts. I've had conversations about them, even.
01/26/2005 Mr. Pony: Neat!
01/26/2005 Litcube: At first, no fn idea. Seriously. Not a single fucking clue. Then, I remember you posting your comment about the "faith" "contest". So I extrapolated, thus conjuring images of the squid throwing in the towel at the end ("help"), as he was clearly losing this battle.

"But why was he "faith fighting" a squid? Where the f did that fucking thing come from!? What the hell is going on here!?"
01/26/2005 Litcube: "Also, what the fuck is faith fighting?!" among other misguided questions tumbling about in my head.
01/26/2005 Mr. Pony: The appearance; the very existence of this foreign deity is an affront to Father Miller's sensibilities. The Squid God is a walking Crisis of Faith in Miller's Western world. The battle is all in his mind.
01/26/2005 Mr. Pony: I just like you guys. Also, the three of you have a fairly rich dynamic with each other, and from your interactions on the site, it's pretty easy to extrapolate what maybe your private lives are like, maybe. I threw in some conventions from TV (the title is a Friends construction, etc.) because you seem familiar to me, because there's something forthright and honest about allayez. There's no private joke here, nothing that you guys couldn't get, but the potential for the discomfort in your minds at the initial idea of the short was part of the intended joke. Hope that's okay.
01/26/2005 Mr. Pony: No, wait, that belongs here.
01/26/2005 Mr. Pony: Omigod, I'm on a fucking ROLL! Somebody ask me about the Smartie Jones Denmark Trilogy!