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Ramsay was a virgin with a remarkable mind who was attempting to build a woman, a piece at time, during his daily commute on the city transit system. He closed his handy travel-sized copy of Grays Anatomy, shifted in his seat and projected a beam of psionic energy down from his face. There in his lap manifested a small birth canal appropriately coated in mucus.

He opened his coat and put it with the clitoris, labia, and breast in his lunch bag. He sat back, steadied his mind and cranked up the Zappa in his portable compact disc player. The subsequent G-Spot Tornado in the isle was a massive hit.

Date Written: November 12, 2004
Author: TheBuyer
Average Vote: 3.5

11/19/2004 The Rid: Interesting. Very interesting. Any short with a mention of psionics and Zappa must be good!
11/19/2004 The Rid: Of course, I had to look up psionics.
11/19/2004 Will Disney: steadiest?
11/19/2004 anonymous: fixed, thanks!
11/19/2004 Dick Vomit (3): Author! Zappa and psionics in the same short makes me think I would like you as a person. The short, however...
11/19/2004 Dick Vomit: P.S. I am the slime.
11/19/2004 The Rid (4): 2.58 stars for short. Extra star for Zappa mention. Round up to four.
11/19/2004 TheBuyer: this is poor white lemon juice.
11/19/2004 Litcube: Oh dear.
11/19/2004 anonymous: what, Litcube, what is it? are you going to draw a damn turnip now, you cat riding mini-mallow?
11/19/2004 Litcube: Are you attacking my art "skills"? Would that threaten you, me drawing a turnip? Were you drunk when you wrote this short?
11/19/2004 anonymous: among other things, yes, "drunk" was i then.
11/19/2004 Litcube (3): Author, the idea is ok.
11/19/2004 anonymous: why are you afraid of my 'vision'?
11/19/2004 Litcube: Dude, what?
11/19/2004 TheBuyer: Dude, what what? [bong hit] How many hairpins can you get for a dollar?
11/21/2004 Litcube: 6?
01/8/2005 hagit mizrachy (4):