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Remembering 1996

Andre Agassi had just rolled off of Barbra Streisand when he decided to head downstairs and blend a protein shake. It was pretty early in the morning, and even though Andre had lost some of his trademark competitive fire, he was in the habit of waking up before 6. No amount of malaise could change this.

James Brolin was but a glimmer in the eye of Barbra -- that is, had he been a potential embryo and not the prematurely gray-haired, handsome actor upon whose shoulders "Hotel" was routinely carried. As it were, Brolin was an unknown quantity.

Barbra opened her eyes momentarily upon hearing the sound of the blender, but quickly returned to sleep. Andre, wide awake at this point, decided to venture outside to the courts before downing the shake. The early morning light transformed the court's color remarkably, which Andre did not notice.

He hit a few halfhearted forehands into the net before deciding he had played enough for the time being. A few hours later, the latest in waxing technology would arrive in the mail, per his request. The imminent results from the product's application to his hairy chest would surely help to rekindle the relationship he had recently enjoyed with Canon. The EOS Rebel wouldn't sell itself, after all. Besides, the sight of a half-smiling Barbra, hair unkempt (think "Nuts" with Richard Dreyfuss), woozily leaning outside of the bedroom window, was enough to draw him back inside.

Date Written: November 15, 2004
Author: Turgid
Average Vote: 3.3333

11/24/2004 Will Disney: I was thinking this was a stinker as I was reading it, but it lulled me into a kind of nostalgia. Have I had sex with Barbara Streisand as well?
11/24/2004 Streifenbeuteldachs: EOS Rebel!!! I had one of those
11/24/2004 TheBuyer: I remember 1996 for the white-hot pop/rock.
11/24/2004 Dylan Danko: Author, do you know anything about the EOS Digital Rebel? I have to get one quick.
11/24/2004 Dylan Danko (4): Hey, this is alright.
11/24/2004 The Rid: I'm gonna go with just plain "stinker."
11/24/2004 The Rid (3): Language overblown. Idea decent.
11/24/2004 Litcube (3): Language overblown - 7% agree with. I'm only here to agree with or disagree with Rid/Buyer.