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It’s almost dawn. Charlie Noguchi tip-toes upstairs from a night on the town. The landlady’s kid, Pascal, is standing in front of Charlie’s door.

“Hi Pascal”, says Charlie.

“You’re drunk again”, replies young Pascal.

But there is an unearthly, full moon-shadow on the stairs. Charlie looks up through the sky-light and sees three huge helicopter ships cutting a clear path through the clouds. The ships move in an uncanny way - far faster and more precise than anything our technology has to offer.

Outside the bedroom window, Charlie and Pascal watch as the ships send down hundreds of thousands of alien troops in body armor. The soldiers destroy and raid apartments nearby, killing people in an extremely gory manner. They seem to do it for sport, or maybe just to make an example.

Suddenly, a sonic explosion separates Charlie’s wall from the rest of the apartment building, and Charlie and Pascal watch as the aliens descend. Charlie grabs Pascal and hides under the bed. Half deaf, they watch as the Alien Chief rips Pascal’s mother’s heart out through her mouth, and hands it to her. The aliens inevitably find Charlie and Pascal, and twist the boy’s neck around so that he makes squealing noises. Charlie screams at them in Japanese. They stop.

“Oh, you speak Japanese”, says the Alien Chief. "Wang Foe Sang!" The Alien Chief starts miming kung-fu moves, making fun of Charlie. All the soldiers laugh. Tiny Pascal, terrified, laughs too. The aliens eventually decide to spare Charlie and Pascal, keeping them around to razz. Meanwhile, Charlie and Pascal must band together all humans and find a weakness within the ranks of The Alien Raiders.

Date Written: November 21, 2004
Author: Benny Maniacs
Average Vote: 3

11/29/2004 The Rid: Weak. Last graf okay.
11/29/2004 Litcube: Hwut thah Eyuff!?
11/29/2004 Will Disney: Was the mother alive long enough to actually see her own heart handed to her? Because, dude, that would be pretty rough.
11/29/2004 TREE: The aliens brought helicopters?
11/29/2004 Litcube: Helicopter SHIPS!
11/29/2004 TheBuyer (2):
11/29/2004 The Rid (2):
11/29/2004 TREE: Helicopter SHIPS. Well that makes more sense now doesn't it?
11/30/2004 Mr. Pony (4): The mighty helicopter, being a completely perfect design, is likely to have arisen independently upon many isolated worlds! This isn''t so bad, you dummies!
11/30/2004 John Slocum (4): I like this too.
11/30/2004 Jon Matza: That last sentence "must" turns the whole thing into a teaser!
12/13/2004 mr.coffee: this screams...."battlefield earth" sequel.
05/24/2005 Litcube: Helicopter ships.