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Hello, hello, itís so nice of you to come. Thereís plenty of torture in the antechamber, so go ahead and help yourselves. Let me take your coat. Iíll need to Ė there we go snip snip Ė cut off a swatch from the collar to haunt you by. Oh, I know itís silly but it really seems to help. I like to have it with me when Iím getting drunk alone at night. I like to get all fired up and mean, then show up in your nightmares and ruin your week. I like to feed you poison in your dreams. You feel it pumping slowly toward your heart. Your pulse terrifies you. It will kill you at any moment. Meanwhile, Iíve placed the antidote at the end of an expanding hall. And you chase it with me at your back with a scalpel Iíll use to remove your heart and replace it with a parasite.

Iím sorry. Was that too weird? Iím always bad at hellos.

Date Written: September 11, 1999
Author: Ewan Snow
Average Vote: 3.8

09/11/1999 anonymous (1):
04/10/2003 Will Disney (5): dude 9/11
04/7/2004 qualcomm (5):
04/7/2004 scoop (4):
03/30/2005 John Slocum (4): Yah!