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Iused autoformat on this so I don't know how good the lines and spaces will be. but anyways.. So I'm giving it to the internet. In 1984 I wrte this song when I was a roady for Drugfish.
? But,Those asholes refused to put it in their(lame)set, which is one of the reseons I dumped them, NOT the other way around.! I will only reveal the chord- progression if someone is ,“totally serious”,about putting an arrangement together. (which means) No high -school hacks pleeeeease. Seriosly, this song means a shitload to me, so I’d fuckin’ apprec iated if losers stay the fuck out! with their critcizing/ comments!!! I decided

(Sing the CAPITOLS louder that the l small words).

Verses One:

When yer hair
Falls on your face
You know I’m they’re
To Take the Place

And If I leave
Before I die
You will not know

So One more time
Because you know that-then-is-past

Corhus 1


(softer here )Because the day was here
Before the nighte is gone
)Loud again)
No matter if
its’midnight on the clock
Is ther to ROCK

(These can be mixed up a little to)

Verses Two:

When yer(or it can sayv “our Smile”)smile
Begins to fade at last
You know that I
Will not forget the kiss we past

And this guitar
Is here to play that it is true
That I will…..
Be in the sky at night for you

“I will onlysay that there is a gong before this corhus Chinese is ok or Turkishgong is cool.if tahts all you have.”

Obvously the same ass Chorus 1 but repeated 2 X and, maybe or probabally with strings for the loudest time.

I wrote too different bridges also, and, they are the other only thing I will give to
So if anyone eltse wants to know more about this tune I will be todally into sharingm it with people who I repeat are serios.

I decided to put thistune out for the pubulic,because I have been straigt for like more that sixth months and I am not in to all the $$ bullshit like sell-out losers like Drugfish and Axmental and the Sophisticuntz.
And Mark Brolie from Down and In records.

So this is for Tammy from Myrtle Beech of she was at North Myrtle in 1983,
And for oher people who have strugled with shit like we have.

Date Written: December 11, 2004
Author: hagit mizrachy
Average Vote: 3

12/23/2004 Will Disney: this reminds me of 'found' magazine.
12/23/2004 Jon Matza (4): To acme's discredit, I enjoyed this.
12/23/2004 scoop: Hey Author, I mean guest author, is this a found object like Disney suspects? Or is it a parody of said found objects cukture?
12/23/2004 anonymous: Scoop-Is taht like Snoop? You obvously didn't read this shit right, This is all about my song I wrote And even thoug I appreciated it taht you guys let any body publish, of corse its mine. Its basicaly a D A G A G progresion for the verses and diferent for the corhuses.
12/23/2004 scoop: I'm going to have to ask you to stop mocking my typos. They are the result of a medical condition and your making fun of them is in no way funny.
12/23/2004 The Rid: I don't feel like figuring out if this is a joke.
12/23/2004 TheBuyer (5): ass.
12/23/2004 Streifenbeuteldachs (2): I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to two-star this, because it sucks. Not just one star, because it sucks a smidgeon less as a parody of something that really sucks.
12/23/2004 The Rid (2): I just re-read this, and I find it borderline contemptible. That said, I agree with Streif in that it isn't a 1-star job.
12/24/2004 Litcube (2): I'm very surprised at Matza's vote, even more surprised at TheBuyer's, and I concur with the other two guests.
12/24/2004 hagit mizrachy: Fortunately, Rid, Streif and Cube, you are all completely wrong. It's the disapproval of the inept that validates the indisputable genius of the exceptional. I know that you Cube, are a serios musician. And Scoop, I wasn't ridiculing you. I was keeping in character.
12/24/2004 Jon Matza: I liked the songwriter's parenthetical notes to himself (e.g., "When yer(or it can say “our”) smile")...reminded me of the Spinal Tap joke where Nigel Tufnel is strumming his guitar with a violin, then stops mid-solo and carefully tunes the violin before starting the random, screaming racket up again.
12/24/2004 Litcube: Hagit, I'm not sure that I'm a serios musician, but I do feel that music is a good way to communicate.
12/24/2004 hagit mizrachy: Dammit Lit, I was trying to start trouble and you had to go and politely belittle me. It appears my shenanigans belong in the schoolyard. At least one good thing came of this short: Buyer and Matza have found common ground; albeit in the beastly baseness that harkens to a simpler, cro-magnan time.
12/28/2004 scoop (1): Shut up, you idiot.
01/6/2005 Dylan Danko (5): I'll apologize for Scoop.