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My interest in film was ignited when I moved with my family to Paris, France. A good friend took me to see Delicatessen. I don't speak French (well, Freedom), so I let the pictures tell the story. From that point on, I was compelled to pay close attention to what I saw on screen, not what I heard.

While studying film at Boston University, I learned that the screenplay is the most important part of a narrative film. Sven Nykvist may be shooting it, but if the screenplay is awful, the result would be a beautiful piece of junk; I strongly disagree with the idea of a screenplay being a “blueprint."

I made several films at Boston University. I learned that many twentysomethings believe ad-libbing involves adding as many four letter words as possible.

I saw many projects cut together at a summer internship at The Whitehouse, an editing facility in London (not where Lewinsky blew the President). Good editing is an excellent tool to make a good screenplay better. Bad editing can destroy a good piece and good editing can make a mediocre film watchable, but brilliant editing will rarely save a poor script in the end.

Upon graduation from BU, I moved to New York to take the film world by storm. Unfortunately, I got stuck in location managing. It's a noble job (right), but I don’t have the temperament to baby-sit New York City residents when I film on their block. And my ultimate ambition is not to produce, which is generally where location managing leads.

My ultimate goal is to consistently improve. To always learn from past experiences. To write and direct with precision, and to carry out the vision I want on screen. I don’t have all the answers now and I probably never will, but why should I not look for them? That is why I am applying to (INSERT UNIVERSITY NAME HERE) University.

I see many ways I could improve. For example, I wrote a thirty page script and cut it to fifteen pages so that it could be a suitable length for my final class. I succeeded in adding a few plot holes and gaps in logic.

Would Bergman have cut Fanny and Alexander from five hours to three hours if he didn't believe the story would still work at a shorter length? I should have written a tighter, shorter film rather than compromise a longer film that worked as it was written.

Going to graduate school is another step, one that I hope to take at (INSERT UNIVERSITY NAME HERE). See you next fall.

Date Written: December 12, 2004
Author: The Rid
Average Vote: 2

12/27/2004 hagit mizrachy: Hagit Mizrachy--Critical Tone: Earnest. Author, the purpose of this piece may be apparent and/or funny to stoned film students, but I can't see the objective, humor, or even darkness. If it's a real personal statement someone wrote its kinda funny because it's lame and peppered with inappropriate parentheticals.
12/27/2004 TheBuyer (2):
12/27/2004 anonymous: Hagit: I kind of thought the narrator's inflated sense of self and arrogance was funny. Maybe I was wrong.
12/27/2004 Litcube: Author, your intentions didn't come through very clear to this reader.
12/28/2004 The Rid: Lit: Oh. Next time, maybe?
01/23/2005 Pusher Robot: Do not trust the Shover Robot. Shoving will protect you. Humans must be shoved. Shoving is the answer. Shoving will protect you from the terrible sectret of space.