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President Bush adjusted his posture and stepped up to the podium.

“My fella Americans,” he said, “For the 10th straight time, I have defeated Saddam Hussein in an online version of ‘Yahtzee!’. But I’m sick of playing these games with him. There’s no way he’ll ever beat me. After all, he’s gassed his own people. They didn’t even pull his finger. Now I learn that he has issued a public challenge to me for a best of seven ‘thumb war’ match. This is not a serious offer. I was thumb war champion at Yale two years running. Check out this double-jointed action I got. Now, which of you reporter types want to lob the first softball?”

Date Written: February 25, 2003
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 2.25

02/25/2003 anonymous (2):
02/25/2003 anonymous (1):
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02/15/2004 scoop (3): Uggh. An precedented level of obviousness and strained topicalityness for Feldy. But still better than most Daily Show jokes.