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She finally sits, inspiration overwhelming her. This is the coup de gras, she finally spits out the piece that has been sitting on the tip of her tongue. She lights a cigarette, tips back the glass of wine, and then types, types, types.
Backspace backspace backspace. Fuck this will never do. Guenther with a huge cock down his throat. What was she thinking?

No, she needs to go bigger, better. Type, type, typity, type. Backspace. Backspace backspace. FUCK!!! Largest zucchini known to man up Kelly's ass. Bad. Nono, no this will never do. Been done before. Think god damnit, it's in there somewhere....

She sits back in her comfy office chair, peels off her skirt and stockings. Cruises the internet for a bit of inspiration. Types, clicks, clicks, types. Again. Types, clicks, clicks, types. Again. Types, clicks, clicks, types harder, faster, and again and again and then she lets out slow moan and her toes curl as she realizes the real reason she screws around on this putrid site as she masturbates to her favorite Author's latest short.

Date Written: January 09, 2005
Author: Pix
Average Vote: 3.3333

01/19/2005 the slut: I'm sooo hot, tackle my tits, I'm stirring the knot right now, oOOooOoOooOooOo yes. Yeeeeeessssss. oh, open your kimono...OOOooOoOOooOoooo
01/19/2005 The Rid: Isn't this an inside short?
01/19/2005 cuntry: why inside rid?
01/19/2005 Ewan Snow: cuz it's about Acme, sort of.
01/19/2005 Litcube: I'm going to write a short about masturbating to this.
01/19/2005 Litcube (3): Ploop! A three isn't bad, author. Remember that.
01/19/2005 anonymous: There is another version, maybe I should post that.
01/19/2005 Streifenbeuteldachs (3): I wonder if she liked my short from yesterday?
01/19/2005 Mr. Pony: I wish I knew which author she was talking about.
01/19/2005 Jon Matza: Type, type, typity, type. TYPITY TYPITY TYPITY TYPY TYPE! BACKSPACE! BACKSPACE! BACKSPACE!
01/19/2005 The Rid: Litcube! I can't wait to read your short about masturbating to this!
01/19/2005 Ewan Snow: Mr. Pony, I feel we can all be confident she is talking about me. Yes, author, please post the other version as well.
01/19/2005 The Rid: Author, here's a better idea for a masturbation short: Paul Thomas Anderson beats off all over his Dell, cums on the keyboard and "Magnolia" is the result of all the cum hitting the keys (he cums a lot).
01/19/2005 The Rid (3): (Three is a gift.)
01/19/2005 Maya Angelou: No way, it's gotta be that scoop. He's the dreamiest little one on this site, I do declare, I do.
01/19/2005 qualcomm: ugh, enough. go back to being the damn hawk or barbara boxer.
01/19/2005 TheBuyer (4): Stockings, eh. So she's forty.
01/19/2005 Mr. Pony (4): I've been there, author; except for all the clicking. I've gotten very good with keyboard shortcuts. Three-five.
01/19/2005 Maya Angelou: I do declare QC, F-you. F-you indeed. F-you, I declare.
01/20/2005 TheBuyer: Her favorite Author is Disney.
01/20/2005 TheBuyer: After me, naturally, but the way she talks, not by much.
01/20/2005 Litcube: PIX!
01/20/2005 Jawbreaker (3): I like this one. Made me giggle. Made me think dirty thoughts too.
01/21/2005 Pix: Yeah TheBuyer, Disney and I have been having a torrid love affair via email behind your back. But you knew that.
01/21/2005 Pix: LITCUBE!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I won't be seeing you this weekend, thought it best you fools make asses of yourselves without the presence of this lady.
01/21/2005 Litcube: You just harshed on my mellow. It's me, isn't it? It's the bum pickle thing.
01/21/2005 Pix: Well I didn't wanna say anything but you really should think about changing your deodorant, cause I don't think its working so well anymore.
01/21/2005 Litcube: Yikes.
01/22/2005 Litcube: hey, Pix. i'm drunk.
01/22/2005 Litcube: serislly pix. i'm drunk... it's really alone here right now. however, there's, like, 4 people online and.. k..
01/22/2005 Pix: Sorry Cube, I was asleep! I'll get drunk with you another time. Maybe you should add me to your msn so that we don't bother the good folks here at acme with our banter.