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"My Little Pony and me have done nothing wrong, what's the problem here? Huh? I bet it’s not even busy in there, line-up my ass, this place is probably dead. Who wants a woman security guard anyhow? Once a month no one gets in with vanilla car-freshener on their clothes, or what, "Crying for no Reason Night" sponsored by Seagrams Blood Dot? Is that it? Huh? We don't allow Saffron My Little Pony with a pretty lemon ribbon in her hair every 24 days or so? You on the rag sweet-heart? Huh?

Is that why you’re picking on my sweet, sunshine-yellow, doe-eyed, pretty My Little Pony with the one magnetetic foot and me? Huh? Is it because she was born frolicking in a field of dewy, pink crocuses with her sisters, Lilac and Juniper on perfect morning in the company of friendly owls and you were hatched in a swamp? Well? Could it really be? You let me and My Little Pony stand here in the rain. Look at her satiny mane; you think that goddamn shit plaits itself, you heartless, flashlight wielding troll? Well fuck you and fuck your bullshit line-up club, we don’t need this shit! Come on My Little Pony, Saffron edition with umber sparkles and her very own hairbrush, we are blowing this pop stand and find adventure."

Date Written: May 25, 2005
Author: TheBuyer
Average Vote: 3

05/25/2005 Klause Muppet: I was a lego kid myself.
05/25/2005 Will Disney (3):