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Jake had a fecal quality- all his life since he was a sickly pale blue ghost of a child, there was a quality that other people picked up on about the poor boy. It was as if when you looked at him, it was all private-like. He'd look back with the uncomfortable look of a dog that must shit in public whilst the people watched. His life was a sad, tepid affair, and his sister Hillary watched him with malevolent animal hatred as he sheepishly peed into the john.

Date Written: December 30, 1899
Author: Phony Millions
Average Vote: 4.5

12/30/1899 anonymous (4):
12/30/1899 anonymous (5):
12/30/1899 anonymous (4):
04/24/2003 sniffthecorn (4): boy, that one hit home!
05/18/2004 TheBuyer: feculant, morose and has left me with the image of a useless lad sheepishly peeing. I can't vote because I have an entire futon frame up my ass. Seriously though, no one reads these comments so far after the fact, right?
05/18/2004 scoop: Wrong, baby. I'm on your ass like a gay cowboy!
11/19/2005 TheBuyer (5): That is my favorite comment by me.
03/18/2006 Master Bates (5): awesome, 'possum!