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Headstrong Commander of the Battlestar Pegasus, Cain forced the hand of the Colonial Fleet into an attack on the Cylon Homeworld by destroying Cylon Fuel outposts after he had been ordered to capture them, necessitating a raid on the main stores of the enemy fleet. After the raid's success, the Pegasus covered the fleet's escape, holding off three Cylon Basestars as the Battlestar Galactica escorted the fleet to safety. The Battlestar Pegasus appeared to be destroyed in this operation, and all aboard are presumed lost, including Commander Cain. As a result of Cain's actions, the Colonial Fleet had more than sufficient fuel to quickly travel safely beyond Cylon territory.

Date Written: June 12, 2005
Author: Mr. Pony
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06/9/2005 Mr. Pony: There's a lesson to be learned, here, folks.
06/9/2005 Mr. Pony: Commander Cain:

06/9/2005 Litcube: Commander Keen: