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Date Written: June 24, 2005
Author: Mr. Pony
Average Vote: 4.9

06/24/2005 anonymous: For Mr. Joshua, who has done so much for us all.
06/24/2005 TheBuyer: Hey, that came out alright, eh!
06/24/2005 Mr. Joshua (5): Pony, I can't thank you enough. You have done it again. May your first-born encounter only success and enlightenment.
06/24/2005 Streifenbeuteldachs (4.5): It's just like in my dreams!
06/24/2005 Klause Muppet (5): Holy Shit. I laughed hard at this. I want this framed!
06/24/2005 Mr. Pony: Incidentally, Mr. Joshua; what the devil were you trying to prove?
06/26/2005 Klause Muppet: You should throw this up on misterpony.com
06/28/2005 Kenji X: I understand the crucifixion rationale now -- jealousy. No wonder the Chosen People are so persecuted, they pack heat. Thanks for the inferiority complex, Moishe.
06/28/2005 Kenji X (5):
06/28/2005 Mr. Joshua: I've been enlisted by the Great Deceiver, Pony. And now, by proxy, you have joined the ranks. I will follow with further instructions.
06/28/2005 Mr. Joshua: One other thing, Pony. It appears that Jesus is not circumcised in your rendering. Born a Jew, he probably would have been subjected to the unkindest of cuts.
06/28/2005 Mr. Pony: I know, that's weird, isn't it?
06/28/2005 Mr. Joshua: Yes, but totally in line with the precepts of Rule 5. Or to paraphrase Sensei from the Karate Kid, "If your opponent cannot stand, your opponent cannot fight."
06/28/2005 Mr. Pony: Say, this guy lays out a pretty flawless strategy for waging Satanic Warfare. I mean, the best defense that he can come up with is to know that Satan and His angels are "losers" who sometimes "freak out" (like ninjas?). I think Christianity might be doomed!
07/7/2005 mr.coffee (5): awesome dude.
08/15/2008 Litcube: For the record, Klause really did print this out, and Klause really did frame this. I believe it's up in his computer room.