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Date Written: June 24, 2005
Author: Klause Muppet
Average Vote: 3.5

07/6/2005 Will Disney: this is a really impressive work!
07/6/2005 TheBuyer: sweet mullet.
07/6/2005 Klause Muppet: Hey Author!
07/6/2005 Shane (4): {smile} (oh that rid were able to see this short. But alas he's still in the hospital till tomorrow)
07/6/2005 Jawbreaker: I feel bad for The Rid. Get well soon!
07/6/2005 Will Disney: Hmmmm? Is the Rid really in the hospital?
07/6/2005 anonymous: What happened to the rid?
07/6/2005 Klause Muppet: Yes, what happened?
07/6/2005 Benny Maniacs: Again, I am sure there is humor going on in here, but since I don't get it, I'll have to give it the ole' three star average rating. Illustrations seemed a bit lack-luster, and weren’t crappy enough to merit any sort of naiveté points (for example the collected visual works of John Matza).
07/6/2005 Benny Maniacs (3): Oh.
07/6/2005 Jawbreaker: Yeah, The Rid is really in the hospital. Hopefully getting out tomorrow sometime. He got meningitis (sp).
07/6/2005 Klause Muppet: Part 1 Here.
07/6/2005 Mr. Pony: Hey, Author! I'm not sure the direction this took was the right one for a sequel, or if a sequel was the right thing to do in the first place. I believe the first installment won many of us over with its strange glimpses into the glamourous but oddly melancholy life of Short Fat Naked Mexican Rid as he ponders his modern life and elusive self-fulfillment. For me, at least, part 2 is overly concerned with the actual mannerisms of the regular Rid--something many of us are sort of used to. Granted, I'm the first one to admit that I have a tendency to take an idea and squeeze every last drop of whatever out of it, but I'm not sure I can appreciate where this series is headed. Publishing this on a day when the Rid was in the hospital with fucking meningitis was a stroke of genius, by the way.
07/6/2005 TheBuyer: It may have helped to use his actual comments too like...fuck it, I can't find the goddamn thing, the Fence Guy where Matza puts in Tiddlycove quotes...anyhoo, that short was less funny than the original too. And yes, well timed short, Jack.
07/6/2005 Mr. Pony: Get well soon, you jackass!
07/7/2005 Kenji X: Author, in panel two is SFNM Rid looking to his left, or was he born with a deformity of his left eye placing his plica semilunaris and lacrimal caruncle on the outer eyelid as opposed to the inner?
07/7/2005 Klause Muppet:
Kenji X - he's looking left.
TheBuyer - Those are actual RID quotes.
Pony - I agree with your comment.
07/7/2005 TheBuyer (3.5): I stand corrected, here's a bonus half-star for my impudence.
07/7/2005 The Rid: Isn't there some rule about blending quotes?
07/7/2005 Kenji X (3.5): Hey everybody, The Rid got discharged! Hooray!
07/7/2005 Kenji X: Hey everybody, The Rid got discharged! Hooray!
07/7/2005 Kenji X: Hey everybody, The Rid got discharged! Hooray!
07/7/2005 The Rid: 10 days later and meningitis free. Now I have my own PICC line! Yay!
07/11/2005 The Rid: You know, Klause, the first couple SFNM Rids were very funny and poked fun at me quite easily. This one seems like you're trying a little too hard, and in its effort to be so inside, slips ever so slightly into mean-spiritedness. Not that that's bad, just an opinion.
07/11/2005 Klause Muppet: Rid. Point taken.
07/11/2005 Klause Muppet: Tee Hee