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"Would you say that was a mistake?" Susan asked him. They were freshly disengaged, half-undressed, and now leaning back and up against each other on the couch in their boss's office.

"What?" he asked. "Which part?"

She pointed to the condom, unwrapped and unused, sitting there on the coffee table. "That," Susan said.

"Oh, that. Hmmm - I don't know," he said. "I suppose it was. At least, it wasn't very well thought through." He began buttoning his shirt.

"Interesting," she said. She watched him as he got dressed. "And there was another thing too," she said. "I wanted to mention this. I seem to be pregnant."

He turned to her. "Really?" he asked.

"Really," she said.

They sat there for a few moments. The boss's clock ticked away.

"Now, would you say that was a mistake?" she asked him.

Date Written: June 03, 2002
Author: Will Disney
Average Vote: 2

06/3/2002 anonymous (1):
04/7/2004 qualcomm (2): error
04/7/2004 mr.coffee (2): 1 star for effort and the 2nd star for using the word "coffee"...
04/7/2004 scoop (2): yeah. sorry.
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