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Peter and Ann could hear footsteps coming down the hallway of the spaceship. “Oh no, it’s Dan,” Peter said. Just seconds before, in the heat of the moment, Peter had attempted to jizz on Ann’s boobs, but in the zero gravity environment, the jizz had just spread out into the air, and was continuing to spread. “Holy crap, we have to clean this place up,” Peter said to Ann. “You have to get rid of that jizz.” Ann zipped up her unisuit. There was only one way to do this. She started running around the room and capturing the floating jizz globules with her mouth. The footsteps in the hallway were getting closer. Peter watched her as she ran around. There was a knock. Ann took her last gulp. Peter hit the door-opener. Outside was an ensign carrying some conductor crystals. “You wanted these crystals at exactly 3:46pm, sir?" “Yes I did!” said Peter.

Date Written: July 28, 2005
Author: Will Disney
Average Vote: 4.45

08/4/2005 Partytime (4): Whew, That was a close one. I imagine a Josie and the Pussycat's chase when I think of Ann running around gulping jizzbubbles.
08/4/2005 qualcomm (4.5): that manipulative bastard!
08/4/2005 Will Disney: This is so unrealistic because conductor crystals are radioactive and he'd be carrying a *case* holding them, not just the crystals themselves.
08/4/2005 qualcomm: i thought the case was implied, sort of like if someone wrote, "the lerpa came in, carrying some water." we know he's probably using some kind of receptacle. author?
08/4/2005 Will Disney: yeah, I suppose so. but it could also be a technical flaw on the part of the author.
08/4/2005 Mr. Pony (4.5):
08/4/2005 TheBuyer: So later on they get to talking about repopulating that new planet, eh.
08/4/2005 Streifenbeuteldachs (4): I'm a little surprised that they heard Dan's footsteps. Was the corridor under some sort of artificial gravity? Was the floor made of a ferrous material and Dan wearing, perhaps, magnetic boots?
08/4/2005 Sergio: we all know that conductor crystals are used in gravity drive ships....right?
08/4/2005 Sergio (4.5):
08/4/2005 TheBuyer: I guess we do now. Well spotted, you huge nerd.
08/4/2005 Jon Matza (4.5): This short is ace chill.
08/4/2005 Litcube (4.5): I like how I can get a sense of the expression on Peter's face as he says, "Yes I did!" Also, striefen makes a good point regarding footsteps in zero gravity. Funny, short, 4.5.
08/4/2005 qualcomm: hint, litcube: the expression is muppety and noncomprehending.
08/4/2005 TheBuyer: qualcomm wrote it, I'll bet Jawbreaker's shirt on it, the one that she's wearing right now.
08/4/2005 Jon Matza: agree
08/4/2005 Will Disney: good bet
08/4/2005 Jon Matza: Yes but Pony took all the bets vote and I did not have fun because I was unable to play?
08/5/2005 TheBuyer: Damnit! Fuck. Alright Jawbreaker I lost, may I please have your shirt? A short video of the entire process will do, I guess. DAMNIT! This is very bad.
08/5/2005 Dylan Danko (5):
08/5/2005 Jawbreaker (4): Har Har.... No way Buyer! It's gonna take more convincing than that!
08/5/2005 The Rid (5): Wonderful.
10/13/2013 Marvin_Bernstein: wait..what? I'm not sure I get this one..I mean there's no way Dishep would use controversy or profanity this must be deceptively written 4 or 5 stars, that's my question