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R-r-r-r ing…R-r-r-ring… -- Hello…yeah. Right. Right. How much? Really?! That is awesome. Okay thanks a lot for calling, man. I’ll see you soon. -- Who was that? -- Some guy who said his name is Vim Venders. He said he’s going to come over later and wipe my windows. -- Wait. You’re telling me that Wim Wenders the renowned German filmmaker is coming to your house to wash… -- Wipe. -- Okay, fine, wipe your windows? -- Yeah, except he said his name is Vim Venders, not Wim Wenders. -- That’s what I said. Wim Wenders. -- Dude there’s no W. -- No duh. I know. It’s silent. I am an admirer of his exploration of various themes in the cinema …. It turns out that that first guy was right. There was no W. It was this dude Vim Venders, a bloodthirsty killer who lies about cleaning people’s windows to gain access to their apartments so he can torture and mutilate them. Something, by the way, he did to both of our poor characters. Incidentally he did wash the windows, but only to remove possible fingerprints that could have possibly implicated him in the unspeakable killings in the eventuality of a trial.

Date Written: August 09, 2005
Author: scoop
Average Vote: 3

08/9/2005 anonymous: The first step in a genocide is the gassing of a single victim.
08/9/2005 Kenji X (3): Your comment looks lonely. Allow me to take a steaming dump on your otherwise clean and lonely page. Douchebaggery!!!
08/11/2005 Mr. Pony: Author, you will never get them all if you do them one at a time. Sometimes a journey of a thousand miles begins with a thousand-mile step.